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COVID-19 Relief

Proxima THEBOTSS: URDU Language chatbot for Covid-19 Information and virtual assistance

Meet the Assistant

The Proxima TheBotss is focused on Covid-19 support in the national language, Urdu, and ease of use for detailed assistance on safety and care of patients. The assistant is able to connect with the user directly via multiple channels. It allows them to ask questions in Urdu language about most situations and conditions, and get in contact with human health care practitioners. The assistant handles large number of requests and responses to provide relevant information.

Additional Resources

Languages Supported

Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English


Web Chat, Mobile App, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger



Use Case

COVID-19 Relief

PROXIMA is focused on bringing the latest technologies available to our clients and are committed to providing efficient, highly-tailored solutions to help them innovate and differentiate for conversational AI.