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Our open source community is growing rapidly, with over 750 contributors!

We're breaking down the barriers to becoming an open source machine learning contributor.

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How do I contribute to Rasa?

Like to write code?
Love to help others?
Writing more your thing?
  • Suggest edits to the Rasa Docs by clicking the "Suggest Edit" button located at the top of each page
  • Create a blog post about Rasa and let us know at
  • Translate the Rasa docs or community content
Enjoy planning events?
  • Organize an online or offline events
  • Organize a meetup, workshop or webinar
  • Help someone else organize an event
  • To get started, check out our meetup guidelines
Prefer to teach or create tutorials?
  • Create a tutorial on Rasa or Rasa Enterprise
  • Create a tutorial on how to use your bot contribution
  • Support others on creating a tutorial
  • Don't forget to share it with us at

Start your contributor journey

Community is the core of what we do at Rasa, so we created a space where people of different backgrounds and skills can find ways to get involved. The Rasa Contributor program is designed to get community members inspired and recognize efforts and achievements within the community.

Rasa Contributor

Contributors are community members who help us improve Rasa through code or helping others!

Rasa Hero

Rasa Heroes are experienced contributors who consistently make high-quality contributions and champion Rasa within other communities!

Rasa Superhero

Rasa Superheroes are community leaders who take the Rasa community to the next level in their local area!

Read the blog post to learn more

There are lots of different ways to contribute to open source projects—too many to list here. That’s why we want to know about your contributions even if they weren’t mentioned in the program, and most importantly—recognize them. Tell us how you contribute to the Rasa community by sending us a message at!

Still not sure how to contribute, or have further questions? Email Us →