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Customer Support

Albert Heijn's digital assistant provides fast answers to customer questions

Meet the Assistant

Albert Heijn's AI assistant works side by side with human agents, answering questions in the customer support chat queue. Acting as a first line of support, the assistant allows employees to spend more time helping customers and less time on FAQs and administrative tasks. In cases where the request is more complex, the assistant is able to collect relevant information to help employees resolve the customer faster.

The assistant is integrated with Tracebuzz and Salesforce, where it operates from its own user account. Training examples are collected from real conversations, allowing the digital assistant to accurately recognize different formulations of customer questions.

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Web Chat, WhatsApp



Use Case

Customer Support

Founded in 1887, Albert Heijn is the Netherlands' largest grocery retailer and one of the main brands of AholdDelhaize. The company is a leader in using digital shopping and technological innovation to enhance customer experience.