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Digital Assistant Robot: Helping ISS Software Hive employees manage leave and visa requests

Meet the Assistant

Digital Assistant Robot (DAR) is a digital employee, built using Rasa, that manages all leave and visa requests at ISS Software Hive.

The chatbot helps employees submit leave requests through WhatsApp or Telegram. Employees can also view their submitted requests, track requests, view pending tasks, and respond directly to tasks.

The chatbot offers employees the convenience of submitting a visa request directly from their mobile device, without opening the browser.

DAR is integrated with Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC), a cloud-first automation platform that integrates with systems of record and existing tools to accelerate digital transformation. Using Nintex Workflow Cloud, the leave management process and visa request application workflow is streamlined and automated to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Employees' requests are analyzed and classified using a document image classifier engine based on machine learning technology.

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Languages Supported

English, Arabic


WhatsApp, Telegram



Use Case

Human Resources

International Software Solutions (ISS) - an ICC Group company - is a premier software solutions provider in the GCC and MENA region, catering to diverse needs across institutions, enterprises and organizations.