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Providing a portal into the Europeana cultural heritage collection

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Europeana collects books, artworks, and music from thousands of European archives, libraries and museums. This digital collection makes important cultural heritage material accessible to visitors across the globe.

The Europeana chatbot was developed by the Culture Chatbot project, led by the Jewish Heritage Network, to increase engagement with the archive through a conversational UI. The chatbot incorporates a knowledge graph and semantic search to uncover connections between records—persons, places, and other entities—allowing the user to search the archive and discover relevant materials using natural language.

The Culture Chatbot supports multiple languages, including Spanish, Italian, English, Dutch, and Polish. The assistant is trained on sample conversations, getting better and better at recognizing user needs and generating natural-sounding responses over time.

Languages Supported

Spanish, Italian, English, Dutch, Polish


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Initiated in 2015, the Jewish Heritage Network's mission is to offer dedicated solutions and services for the promotion of Jewish cultural heritage.

In 2018 JHN, in partnership with the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, was awarded grants by the European Commission to build Culture Chatbot, an AI assistant for cultural heritage institutions. JHN is an accredited partner of Europeana, the digital culture platform of the European Commission, for Jewish heritage.