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Culture Chatbot: a virtual museum tour guide

Meet the Assistant

Culture Chatbot, the digital assistant for the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, is a virtual tour guide for the museum. In addition to providing practical information about the museum, like hours and ticket prices, it also offers a fun and educational way for users to explore the museum's collection. An integration with DGraph allows users to search for items of interest across the museum's database and users can also learn about current exhibitions.

The Jewish Heritage Network builds innovative solutions to engage museum visitors online, including chatbots, which have proven to be an effective way for visitors to experience cultural heritage content. Culture Chatbot's intuitive natural language-based interface, quick navigation, and powerful conversational search provide visitors with a new way to enjoy the museum's collection.

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Dutch, English, Spanish


Web Chat, Facebook Messenger



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Customer Support

Initiated in 2015, the Jewish Heritage Network's mission is to offer dedicated solutions and services for the promotion of Jewish cultural heritage.

In 2018 JHN, in partnership with the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, was awarded grants by the European Commission to build Culture Chatbot, an AI assistant for cultural heritage institutions. JHN is an accredited partner of Europeana, the digital culture platform of the European Commission, for Jewish heritage.