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Eva: Supporting learners at Brazil's Virtual School of the Government

Meet the Assistant

Brazil's National School of Public Administration educates public servants and citizens through its virtual school, or escolar virtual (EV.G). In March alone, there were 178,945 course enrollments. Eva provides first line support, answering questions for course attendees.

Before Eva, EV.G support was provided through email, inundating support staff with hundreds of messages per day. Considering the number of active users, providing in-person support was time-consuming and expensive.

Now, Eva handles common requests and sends a support email only if the request is very specific and she cannot answer. In a given week, Eva handles approximately 12,800 messages from 800 different conversations. Although the demand for human support is now at a manageable rate, the EV.G development team continues to update the knowledge base with topics sourced from Eva's conversation history, so Eva can handle as many questions as possible.

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Customer Support

Since 1986, the National School of Public Administration has played a role in transforming the culture of public administration. The school offers 137 courses through its distance learning platform, EV.G.